China Threatens HSBC Bank to Support Hong Kong Security Law

China threatens HSBC bank. What a surprise:

Extract from article. link below

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Former Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying on Friday called out banking group HSBC Holdings plc for not making its “stance” clear on China’s imposition of a new security law on the city, after the United Kingdom’s criticism of the move.

“One week has passed, HSBC still hasn’t expressed their stance on the national security legislation,” Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive from 2012-2017, wrote in a Facebook post.

“(The) UK government is following the US government; whether or not HSBC will follow UK govt is something we need to be highly concerned about,” he wrote.

Leung said HSBC should not do things that hurts “China’s sovereignty, dignity and people’s feelings”, while making money in that country.

“China and Hong Kong doesn’t owe HSBC anything, the China business at HSBC can be replaced overnight by banks from China and other countries,” he wrote.

“We need to let the UK government, politicians, British companies like HSBC know which side of the bread is buttered.”