Coronavirus and Italy

Why did the virus start up in Northern Italy? Because Italy sold out to China and allowed thousands of Chinese people to live in Italy and work in their clothing factories. In many cases owned by Chinese businesses.

Many of those Chinese workers workers returned to China for Chinese New Year, 25 January. Some of them returned unwittingly carrying an unwanted “gift” for the Italians.
The Italians initially refused to stop hugging and kissing. “We’re Italians. That’s what we do.”

The Brits were warned in explicit videos from inside Italian hospitals. “We beg you. Don’t end up like us.”
And promptly ignored the warning and are now the winners of the Covid Cup for most deaths per million.

Conned by the Chinese Communist Party who simultaneously suppressed the truth about how deadly this virus is and thus encouraged it to spread in the west while quarantining the whole city of Wuhan, 10 million people.

Don’t worry though. You’ll still have a job. It’s just your company will be sold to CCP backed Chinese companies. Just don’t say anything about President Xi though, or you’ll be out on your ear.

Game, set and match to the Chinese Communist Party.