At War With China?

In 1939 Hitler’s Germany rolled its tanks into Poland; triggering World War II.

In January 2020 China deliberately suppressed the facts about a virus that probably originated in their biolab in Wuhan.

While immediately locking down Wuhan to prevent its uncontrolled spread in China they arrested and “disappeared ” doctors and journalists who warned the world.

Instead of tanks and bombers they sent this virus out in the bodies of innocent Chinese travelers celebrating Chinese New Year.

The international flights continued.

The Chinese Communist party acknowledged years ago they could not beat the west in a conventional war but that it would be a cyber and bio war.

A brilliant strategy that meant they didn’t need to fire a single shot and incorporated plausible deniability.

They are now pushing their advantage further by cracking down on Hong Kong, even removing pro-democracy books from Hong Kong libraries.

They are trying to bully the UK into buying Huawei technology and Australia by refusing to buy Australian iron ore and coal.

Like it or not we are at war with China.