Death Penalty

There is a direct correlation  between police numbers, punishment severity and crime.

In Singapore for example one gets flogged for vandalism,  thus zero vandalism.

Hang these vile and vicious criminals and the risk/reward calculations shifts.

Polish slave traffickers….. hang them.

Pakistani child groomers,… hang them.

The problem with  the death penalty is that it is imposed too seldom and there are many years of appeals.

Thus it is both expensive and little deterrent.

Take those 12 thugs recently put in prison for violent robberies on motorcycles in the UK. They had made a career of targeting innocent members of the public, riding up to them on stolen motorcycles, violently accosting them, often with knives, smashing their car windscreens in order to rob them. They have received prison sentences of up to 10 years.

Just imagine if instead of being kept in prison for the next 10 years they had been taken from the courtroom and strung up in a row by the hangman.

1. Minimal cost.

2. An instant stop to anyone else thinking of doing the same.

Why is the UK, USA and other countries spending their scarce resources taking care of scum in prison when it could be used providing better medical care for the public, help for veterans injured serving their country, mental health facilities etc?