George Orwell 1984 updated

We have been reading this August 2023 about a British politician, Nigel Farrage, having his bank accounts closed by Coutts, a British bank owned by National Westminster Bank; which is itself some 38% owned by the British taxpayer after being bailed out.

He made an information request and learned that his accounts had been closed for having views that didn’t align with the bank’s new woke principles. Among other things: he pushed for a vote on Brexit, believes a man cannot become a woman or vice versa and, it is rumoured, had extreme Rightwing views while a SCHOOLBOY. Even worse, he was a friend of Donald Trump.

One may agree or disagree with his views. But they are all legal. Even drug dealers in prison have bank accounts. Yet this bank saw fit to dump him as a customer. Even worse, every other bank he applied to also refused him as a customer, essentially cutting him out of an existence in Britain.

Since then it has come out that thousands of others have been debanked. Including a Yorkshire preacher who wrote to his Building Society (a type of British lender similar to a S&L) complaining about the local office being festooned with Pride flags. They said his comments were “hateful”.

So let’s take a stab at George Orwell’s famous classic: 1984. Let’s call it 2024.

A lesbian goes to a bar, picks up another lesbian and goes back to her home.

As they undress she realizes that the woman is actually a man, with the usual male equivalent. He claims that he identifies as a woman and is a lesbian.

Our heroine refuses to have sex with him/her.

You’re a TERF he/she says.

Our heroine leaves and tries to call an Uber. Her account has been closed by the AI monitoring her phone.

She tries to take a bus, but her Oyster card has been canceled.

She walks home to discover her electronic entry key password has been changed. She sleeps in the street.

The next day she walks to work but has been fired for having hateful thoughts.

2024 is coming.