Please wear your mask in enclosed public spaces

Are masks effective?
I don’t live in the USA but in a tiny Caribbean island. Climate is similar to Miami and we have widespread air conditioning.
Our governments closed our airport in mid-March, thus destroying our tourism business and throwing thousands out of work, We did have repatriation flights for returning locals. But they were taken straight from the airport to quarantine at a local hotel.

Non-essential businesses were closed and while banks, supermarkets and pharmacies remained open it was compulsory to wear a face mask. No mask no admittance. Restaurants were take-out only.

There was a curfew from 7pm to 6am. Beaches were closed.

People complained but complied.

Because our government acted swiftly we have had ZERO local deaths. We now have ZERO active cases.

Please think about this example the next time you insist on your “constitutional right” not to be “muzzled”. No one is asking for your first born child. Just that you wear a face covering for the few minutes you are in enclosed public spaces.

Save your anger for the Chinese Communist party who deliberately suppressed the facts about this virus until it was well distributed throughout the western world.