Is Taiwan the legitimate ruler of mainland China?

China, that is to say mainland China has threatened to take Taiwan by force.

But history shows that it is mainland China that is the renegade part of the Republic of China, Taiwan or Formosa, not that Taiwan “belongs” to Communist China.

According to Wikipedia’s entry on Taiwan:

The Republic of China, which had overthrown the Qing in 1911, took control of Taiwan on behalf of the Allies of World War II following the surrender of Japan in 1945.

The resumption of the Chinese Civil War resulted in the ROC’s loss of mainland China to forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and consequent retreat to Taiwan in 1949. Its effective jurisdiction has since been limited to Taiwan and smaller islands.”

Note that it was Taiwan that lost control of mainland due to the Communist Party usurpers.

An argument can be made that Taiwan should demand the return of mainland China. Of course this is not going to happen. But Communist China’s seems to have no legitimate claim on Taiwan and it has NEVER been under their control.