US Voter Fraud. Was the 2020 election “stolen”?

I believe Trump lost the election.

However the US electoral system is one of the weakest in any democracy.
No other country allows people to vote without proof of citizenship. (Source Wikipedia).
No other country makes such a widespread use of postal ballots. An invitation to fraud on BOTH sides.

A friend of mine has a home in Palm Springs, CA. He received a postal ballot last election. He’s Canadian. (If he had voted it would have been for Trump incidentally.)

This does happen. Do students vote in their University towns and their home towns?

I live in a tiny country in the Caribbean. You must register to vote at the Election Office. To register you must show a birth certificate from the island or proof that you are a naturalized citizen. Your photo is taken and you are given, free of charge, a laminated voting card. On election day you go to your designated polling station where your voting card is checked that it is you and then you are crossed off a list of voters. You can then cast your secet ballot. You typically spend less than 10 minutes voting, including waiting in a short line.

And voting day is a paid public holiday.

If you want a postal ballot because you will be away then you must show proof of travel, an airline ticket for example. It’s not automatic.

If you are too sick to attend or are housebound then the voting commission will send someone to your home to collect your vote from you in person.

If a tiny country like mine, under 30,000 voters, can organize a tight system like this, why can’t the USA?

Why are lines so long at USA polling booths?

Why not make the Presidential Election Day a paid holiday?
Make it easy and free for people to sign up as a voter, have mobile registration and voting vans and have FREE photo ID voting cards.

And please cut back on the massive cost of standing as a politician for elections. A system that can only result in people selling their souls for campaign funds.