Why some men dress up as women

There are a number of types of men who dress up as women. This list is not in any particular order:

  1. The rare ones, 0.05% of the population, who have suffered from gender dysphoria from a very early age. They deserve kindness and medical help.
  2. The mentally troubled who are also autistic or seriously depressed. Very frequently those who sffer from gender dyphoria are also autistic and depressed.
  3. The kinky who get a sexual charge from cross-dressing. Often dressing in their wives’ clothing and underwear.
  4. Perverts who pretend they are women to gain access to their private spaces such as showers and changing rooms. This is the most worrying category.
  5. Effeminate men who are really homosexual males but think they might be women.
  6. Those who will claim they are female, without having any permanent surgery, to win sporting prizes. They only have to take medication to reduce their testosterone levels. Are they sincere or just unsporting?
  7. Those who claim they are transitioning but don’t have any surgery nor actually do more than wear makeup and perhaps take female hormones to gain social media likes. Once they have millions of followers then some companies, who wish to appear trendy and inclusive, will give them advertising contracts.

    Will they continue their “transition” and have body-changing surgery or revert to their male identities when they can no longer get advertising sponsors?
  8. The attention seekers and trend followers. Their friend has decided to transition so they do the same. This is usually an issue with teenage girls.