Black people murdered by police an epidemic? Not exactly

Since August 2014 8 black people have been killed by the police in circumstances that could be described as wrongful.

9 August 2014 Michael Brown

22 November 2014 Tamir Rice

4 April 2015 Walter Scott

5 July 2016 Alton Sterling

6 July 2016 Philandro Castile

18 March 2018 Stephon Clark

13 March 2020 Breonna Taylor

25 May 2020 George Floyd, the most famous as it was caught on camera.

24 August 2020 Jacob Blake. Also caught on camera.

That’s NINE over a 6 year period.

But how about police officers killed in the line of duty. Frequently by black felons?

There’s been 32 U.S. law enforcement officers shot to death in 2020 up to July 13, marking a 28% jump in felonious officer deaths over the same period in 2019, according to data from the FBI.

That’s not say it was OK for 8 people to have died at the hands of police. It wasn’t.

Nor is it OK to haul young black people out of their cars and handcuff them on a mere suspicion of wrongdoing. It’s terrible and shameful.

But let’s also think about the cop who puts over a car because it has been reported stolen, he asks the driver to get out the car and in a flash a gun is pulled and he’s dead. That’s their legitimate fear.

I’d like to see some marches to protest the death of these cops who were just doing their job defending the public or chasing bad guys.