Biden vs Trump

There’s only one issue that matters over the next few years. The others pall into insignificance. It concerns the whole free world.

It’s China’s attempt to conquer and bully the entire world. Biden is in their thrall. As has been every slack-jawed president since Nixon.

Four hundred years ago China was the largest economy in the world. With 1.4 billion people they want to be number one again.

This wouldn’t be so important if China only wanted the largest GDP. But they also want to suck in all the raw materials from Africa, which they have bought and paid for. Corrupt African dictators and the morality-free CCP go together like peaches and cream.

They want to control free speech throughout the world. Punishing anyone who dares to criticize them. They have already issued an arrest warrant for breach of their National Security law on an AMERICAN journalist who opposed their policy. He’ll be arrested and never seen again if he sets foot in China or Hong Hong.

They banned NBA games from being televised in China because an NBA manager supported free speech in Hong Kong.

Most importantly they have deliberately visited death on hundreds of thousands of people by covering up the facts about the coronavirus until it had spread through the world.

They are truly evil.

Hold your nose if you must, I will; but vote to reelect Trump this November.