Was the botched coronavirus fight Trump’s fault?

The main beef against President Trump is his handling of the China originated coronavirus pandemic. I agree it’s been a cringe-making disaster.

But he’s not alone. He’s in “good” company with the leaders of Spain, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden etc. Are they all “orange buffoons” as the liberal left like to describe President Trump? Are they ALL in the pay of some foreign power? All determined to kill their own people?
It’s just silly to suggest this.

However they were all conned by the Chinese Communist Party and the China controlled WHO.

Even up until fairly recently the US CDC, UK Department of Health and WHO were all advising people that face masks were not needed unless you were looking after a sick person.
The WHO changed their advice only on 6 June:

The UK National Health Service only started to recommend that it MIGHT be safer to wear a mask indoors 11 May:

US CDC didn’t change their advice until 14 July;

So whose fault is this? The leaders of the countries or the scientific experts?