Asylum Seekers

You need to redefine the legal definition of “asylum”.

It is fair and reasonable to provide safe refuge for people fleeing government oppression or tyranny. For example the human rights lawyer in Saudi Arabia locked up for acting on behalf of women demanding fair treatment. Such as being allowed to travel or drive a car.

“Asylum” should not include those people leaving Central America, or any other country, simply because their home country is gang-ridden, corrupt and there are few jobs. These are terrible things. But not grounds for asylum.

Just imagine if after the Second World War the entire populations of the UK and France had demanded the right to seek asylum in the USA because their country had been bombed and the economy wrecked.

Economic asylum seekers should be turned back and not allowed into the USA. If they sneak in illegally they should be taken back, not to the border where they can try again but much further south.

Finally, business owners who knowingly employ illegals should be put in jail. For a week or two at least. With a TRUE deterrent the flow of illegal immigrants would dry up.