China Coronavirus WHO

I remember watching Sky News early in 2020. They were filming inside the coronavirus wards in Italy and Italian doctors were pleading with viewers to take this seriously, it is coming your way. Don’t end up like us.

Meanwhile no news crews were allowed in Wuhan hospitals. No Chinese doctors were allowed to give similar warnings. Citizen-journalists who dared to film inside Wuhan hospitals were arrested and are still in prison or dead. The video footage they shot and uploaded was diligently scrubbed by Chinese cyber-lackeys. Whistle-blower medics in China were arrested or murdered. Told to apologize for spreading lies.

China has a lot of deaths on their hands.

The next war won’t be fought with tanks or guns. It will be a bio and cyberwar. China started the war last year. They just kept quiet about it.

Boycott all Chinese made goods. Punish the CCP.

But NOT Asian people who individually are NOT to blame for this pandemic.

And of course most western politicians did a terrible job.