Transferism or Socialism?

The US people don’t want socialism, which means government control of factories,  but transferism. The idea that money should be transferred from those that have it to those that don’t. 

Imagine your next door neighbor knocking on your door one day asking you to pay to send their child to college. 
They say that they spend most of their money but know that you have been more thrifty, have a lot of savings so it’s only fair you should do this.

You would probably tell them to get lost. But how different is this from the government forcing you to do this?

The majority of money spent by the Federal Government is for transfer payments to pay bills for people, not on maintaining roads, national defense and rule of law.

This has created a consumer society that spends constantly on things they don’t really need rather than save for the future. Sadly most of the things bought provide employment in China rather than the USA.