There have always been effeminate men. There have always been masculine women. But they are still men and women.

It is a lie is that men can become women. They can only become castrated men. They can never get pregnant, never have a period and never lactate milk.

It is a lie is that women can become men. They can only become, at most, flat-chested women with a beard and deep voice.  They can never generate sperm, can never get a woman pregnant and despite surgical efforts they will never have a penis.

But if it makes them feel “more complete” then, if they are adults they have a right to have this self-mutilating surgery. But it is voluntary surgery. No different from a woman who is tearful about her small breasts or a man who hates their big ears. This surgery should be paid for by themselves, not by the taxpayer or available on the NHS or other government health service.

Of course it is ONLY adults who should be allowed to agree to this. If people under the age of 16 / 17/ 18 / 21 (depending on their country) are not considered mature enough to smoke/ drink alcohol/ have sex with an adult they surely aren’t mature enough to decide to take puberty blocking medication, testosterone or breast removal surgery. No matter what they tell their parents or see on the internet.

The counter-argument is that if a child genuinely believes they have been “born in the wrong body” it should be corrected before they go through puberty. Historically it has been mostly boys, about 0.05% of boys, who believe this. But they stated they have felt this way from very young. A change of gender identity doesn’t suddenly come on when one becomes a teenager. Nor because a friend has decided to change their identity. Yet this is what is happening with today’s young people.

Schools should of course be tolerant and welcoming to all. Including those suffering from gender dysphoria. But they should NOT, in my opinion, suggest to children that they might be in the wrong body or encourage this.