What does non-binary mean?

“Non-binary” is a fancy name for saying the person has a low or no sex drive. Perhaps they will develop one later in life, perhaps not. But they are still biologically male or female.


A “transexual” man is simply a sterile woman with no penis, a flat chest and facial hair. They are still biologically women. Nor can a “transexual” woman ever give birth or have a period. They can never become biological women in any sense. That is assuming they actually go through with this surgery. Sporting and celebrity “transwomen” don’t do this. They retain their penis and testicles, which they tuck away.

I have great sympathy for those who are so certain that they are in the wrong body that they undergo life changing surgery. But these people are just, in my opinion, insincere fakes.

In previous years gender dysphoria was listed in the psychiatrist’s handbook as a mental health problem, little different to anexoria, bulimia, schizophrenia etc. It would be primarily treated by counseling, not by the immediate agreement with the patient’s self-diagnosis.

You would not tell a normal weight child they are too fat just because they claim they are; so why would you encourage a boy or girl to believe they are the opposite sex? Genuine gender dysphoria is pretty rare. Historically 0.5% of boys thought they had been born in the wrong body and 0.1% of girls. Critically they had those feelings from an early age.

Today, however we see teenage girls that never previously believed they were male suddenly making that claim, often there is an “outbreak” of teenage gender dysphoria within a group of friends.