Hamas attack Oct 7, 2023

On 6 October 2023 the Israel / Gaza border was at peace, except for the constant firing of rockets from Gaza at Israeli towns and villages.

Before sunup Hamas terrorists, yes they are terrorists even if the BBC calls them militants, used drones to knock out the watching border cameras and broke into South Israel. They first murdered Israeli soldiers in their beds, then went on the rampage.

They videoed themselves “in action” and live-streamed what they did. They murdered some 400 unarmed young people at a music festival. Many young girls were raped. One had her breast cut off with a box-cutter by one Hamas thug while his “colleague” was inside her. He flipped the breast to another buddy like a frisbee. Then she was shot. Other girls were shot in the vagina or had nails pounded into their vaginas after they were raped.

Others descended on Israeli villages. They set houses on fire and entire families were murdered. A pregnant woman had her belly slit open and her baby was stomped on.

A mother and child were tied together with barbed wire, then they were set on fire. A baby was “roasted” in an oven. Even the Nazis were not so cruel.

Those who doubt these horrors should go to www.hamas.com for the evidence.

In all some 1,200 people were murdered. Mostly civilians.

A fuerther 240 people, mostly civilians. Some senior citizens, some children, were kidnapped and taken back to Gaza.

The “innocent” people of Gaza cheered with joy when they heard of the carnage. They spat on the hostages as they were taken through the city. The “loving” West Bank Palestinians joined in the celebrations.

The following day, before Israel had started any response, there were marches in most major cities celebrating the death of Jews. 100,000 marchers in London, England, not just Arabs either, but white left-wingers too.

Obviously Israel responded with force. This was expected. It was part of the Hamas and Iranian calculations. Hamas fighters hurried underground into the 300 miles of tunnels that had been constructed with aid money over the years.

How about the civilians? What steps did the government of Gaza, Hamas, take to safeguard them? None. Any civilians trying to enter the tunnel network was shot. Dead women and children are a matter of joy for Hamas. Israelis dropped flyers warning civilians to move, Hamas tried to stop them leaving. Of course, Hamas read these flyers too and also moved out of danger.

Have innocent civilians been killed in Gaza? No doubt. Although many of those killed were in fact Hamas supporters. Sadly this is inevitable in any urban conflict. Typically 9 civilians are killed for every enemy soldier. In Gaza the ratio has been closer to 2 civilians for every Hamas fighter.