Trump Defamation lawsuit Jean Carroll

No one could accuse Donald Trump of being a choir boy as far as women are concerned.

But there’s something not right about this lawsuit.

Supposedly some 30 years ago they entered a changing room together, by her invitation. She was 50 years old, he was a little younger. Why would any woman invite a man into her changing room? If he wasn’t welcome, why didn’t she tell him to get out? Like any normal woman would do.

She claims that he sexually assaulted her. Why didn’t she shout out? This wasn’t a deserted alley and he didn’t have a knife to her throat.

After this supposed sexual assault took place she left the store. She didn’t say anything to the store clerk or to the police.

Some 30 years later, just as he announced he would stand again for president, she claimed he had raped her. Usually such a late claim would be banned by the Statute of Limitations. But, just for Trump, Democratic New York introduced a new law called the Adult Survivors Act so she could still sue him for damages in a CIVIL trial.

There was no criminal trial because the evidence didn’t exist.

There was a civil trial at which she was awarded damages, even though he said the whole case was nonsense. That case is awaiting appeal. Note: He was not found guilty, she was awarded damages for her supposedly hurt feelings because the jury found her a credible witness..

After the civil trial, Trump protested that she had lied and he didn’t do this. Now she bought another lawsuit, this time for deformation of character. This is interesting. In criminal cases people found guilty frequently proclaim their innocence. Even while on death row for murder. Even AFTER being found guilty.

But he hadn’t been found guilty of anything. She’d simply been awarded damages. Doesn’t he have the same right as any murderer, rapist or conman to say, “I didn’t do it?”

She was awarded $19 million for the “damage” to her reputation plus a further $60 million in punitive damages. Punitive damages don’t exist in the UK, they do in the USA. They are extra damages designed to punish the loser of a civil case. Why on earth such damages should go to the plaintiff is beyond me, if anything they should go to the state.

No doubt the awards will be appealed, and I suspect dismissed. But not till after the November 2024 election.