Jacob Blake

Part of the outrage over the Jacob Blake shooting is caused by the deliberate omission of the facts of the case. Makes it a much better story to whip up the masses.

The reason the police were there in the first place is because they had been called by his former girlfriend.

There was an outstanding felony rape warrant against him from when he had allegedly penetrated that girlfriend with his fingers.

The car he was getting into was not his own but his girlfriend’s.

The children in the back of the car were his, with that girlfriend.

All of this can be checked on Wikipedia:


Here’s an extract:

On August 23, Kenosha police responded to a 911 call about a “domestic incident” at approximately 5:11 PM. According to multiple official sources, the female caller referred to Blake as her “boyfriend”, said he was not permitted to be on the premises, and that he’d taken her car keys and was refusing to give them back. Officers were also informed by the dispatcher that there was a “wanted” alert for someone at the address, indicated by police code 10-99. Blake had a warrant for his arrest from July, based on charges of third-degree sexual assault,[note 1] trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse. The woman who called 911 on August 23 to report that Blake had stolen her keys was the same woman who had previously filed the criminal complaint alleging that Blake had sexually assaulted her. Both Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis and the Kenosha Professional Police Association stated that the officers dispatched on August 23 were aware of the pending warrant for Blake before they arrived on scene.

He was apparently armed with a knife.

Was it necessary to shoot him 7 times? Probably not. But this was not some nice person picked on by the police but a fleeing felon, alleged rapist and car thief.