The ant and the grasshopper

The Ant and Grasshopper. In Democrat land.

The ant works hard all summer long while the grasshopper plays in the sun.

Come the winter the ant has a nice warm home and plenty of food while the grasshopper shivers and starves.

The grasshopper calls a press conference. America is aghast that this poor grasshopper should be cold and starving while the ant has so much.

Demonstrations are held outside the ant’s home decrying him for profiting at the expense of the grasshopper. This is naked capitalism shout the crowd and something must be done about it.
The demonstrations are joined by several celebrities who blame it on Donald Trump, both president Bushes, Ronald Reagan and the Pope.
“Green Lives Matter” they chant.

Emergency laws are passed taxing the ant on his unfair gains. Since he cannot afford these penalties he abandons his home, wanders off into the snow and is never seen again.

The grasshopper moves into the ant’s home, which soon falls apart due to his lack of repair. He is found dead from a drug overdose.

The home is then taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the once peaceful neighborhood.

If that’s what you want, vote socialist this November.