Maxwell verdict

She was correctly found guilty according to the law.

But what is the appropriate punishment? We’ve heard a lot from Virginia Giuffre, now happily living in Australia.

Poor Virginia was so horribly abused that she volunteered to go on trip after trip with her abusers.

Where were her parents in all this? “Where were you last week Virginia?”

“Nowhere special mom. I just took a private jet to London and had sex with prince”.

Come on.
Epstein and Maxwell are without question grade A sleazes.

But no one was murdered.  Or held prisoner in a dungeon.  No one committed suicide. 

One reads chilling stories about child abusers, including stepfathers who creep into bed with their stepdaughters and threaten them not to tell their mothers.

In my opinion these vile child abusers should be castrated.

This didn’t happen here. These were sexually active girls in their late teens who returned again and again to be with these sleazy individuals. 

We read that these were vulnerable teenagers whose minds were not properly formed. But yet just 200 years ago teenagers were married and had children in their late teens. Were minds better developed 200 years ago?

Let’s assume that a young woman was bought to Epstein’s mansion by Maxwell under false pretenses and felt they had no choice but to comply. That is genuinely wrong. But many of these girls came back again and again knowing full well what was expected of them. Some bought their friends.

The law was certainly broken, mostly due to the age of consent laws, which vary from state to state and country to country. 

16 in the UK. 16 in Georgia. But 18 in Florida. 

What is an appropriate sentence for Maxwell? 3 years in prison? 5 years?

How do her actions compare to pimps who find vulnerable teenage girls and force them into prostitution with drugs and violence?

The statutory punishment for felony pimping is three years minimum in state prison, four years mid-term and six years maximum as long as the prostitute at issue is sixteen years old or older. There also can be court fines of up to $10,000.

Does she deserve a prison sentence? Yes. For the rest of her life? No.