What’s Wrong With the UK?

Uncontrolled immigration of low income people who, along with their large families, cost the British taxpayers far more than they produce.

Net zero targets that, though laudable, are pointless unless the biggest carbon emissions producers in the world, China and India, do the same. The realistic answer is nuclear power.

Ridiculous woke policies that encourage teenage girls to decide they are boys while men stomp born females on the sporting circuits.

Crushing taxation on the middle-classes, those who actually do the work.

An endless war on small landlords, making their business less and less profitable then lambasting them for not spending money on their loss making properties.

Utter lawlessness with serious crimes virtually risk free and minimal sentences even if caught. Less serious crimes aren’t even investigated.

This could all be turned around by a serious government that took action rather than mouthing platitudes.

Meanwhile I left the UK 40 years ago and my adult children are leaving this year for Dubai.