Fair Taxes

If you have a number of friends over for dinner and one of them constantly came empty handed, never reciprocated and just ate your food and drank your booze, would you continue inviting them?

Or would you classify them as a freeloader and cross them off your invite list?

But yet politicians think that we should be compelled to pay for the housing, schooling and medical care of total strangers who bring nothing “to the party” but their appetites for your money.

Certainly taxes are required to pay for a nations defense, it’s police and justice system, roads etc. It is even fair to pay for the future care of those injured in the service of the country. And common decency demands we help the wife with breast cancer abandoned by her husband for example and similar “worthy” causes.

But single mothers who just pop out babies from different men and immigrants who chose government support rather than working? Not so deserving in my opinion.

If someone can’t afford the bare necessities for their children… don’t have them. Please don’t expect that other people should go to work to support them and their children.


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