The liberal left has totally lost the plot on immigration. Still 1/4 million more came to UK than left last year.

It’s not a matter of the color of someone’s skin or their religion but whether or not they are a benefit to their new host country.

Some people who come are a net benefit in that they pay more in taxes than they take out in welfare, school costs and medical treatment. But MOST of the immigrants are a NET DRAIN on the economy.

If someone earns say $15,000 a year they pay almost zero in taxes. But the state has to educate their children, pay their medical bills and provide them with subsidized housing. They may be doing a job that an American doesn’t want to do but they are doing it at a cost to their new host country.

That cost comes from the taxes of others or by borrowing more. To cover the cost of borrowing the government reduces interest rates. Hurting people saving for their old age.


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